Since 1787, circuit riding preachers held services in the Sevier County area. In the early 1800’s, people from the Middle Creek community and beyond traveled by wagon and by horseback to gather for week-long revivals known as camp meetings. Rev. Francis Asbury, the first Methodist Bishop in the United States, also visited the Middle Creek community in 1808. 

Many families camped out for weeks, and some built temporary log huts while staying for the revivals. The revival services were held under a big tree overlooking the beautiful Sevier County countryside, and by 1822, the location became known as the Middle Creek Campground.  The original camp meeting grounds are still located behind the current church building.

In 1851, land was donated to build the first Middle Creek sanctuary. The land deed charged the trustees to build a “Methodist Church or meeting house for the worship of Almighty God.” The building in which services are currently held was dedicated on May 18, 1902. Many local families contributed cut timber and their time to help build the church. Construction was led by local carpenter Mr. Cisco Williams of Sevierville. For over 110 years, Middle Creek United Methodist Church has stood as a testament to the skills of local craftsmen and as a centerpiece of the once-thriving Middle Creek community.

In the early years of the Middle Creek community, both the church and next-door Middle Creek School were centers of the community. Just across Middle Creek Road, there once was a train depot and general store. The train, Smoky Mountain Railroad, ran from Knoxville to Pigeon Forge, and while neither of the buildings still exist, graded cuts from the railroad can still be found with some searching.